Do you have a question for us? Please have a look at some of the frequently asked questions for locksmiths listed below. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, eftpos or credit card (Visa/Mastercard)

What proof of identity do I need to gain access to my property if I am locked out?

Yes. We do require person requesting access to the property to show identification that proves residence at the address in question (a driver’s license or ID card is fine).

Do you charge a cancellation fee if I get in before you arrive?

Yes, on occasion we will charge a cancellation fee. As you can understand, we have to factor in travel and time costs, as well as lost work opportunities. If you cancel the work order more than 5 minutes after the original phone call, especially in an emergency or after hours situation, then we reserve the right to charge you a cancellation fee equivalent to the call-out fee of the work order.

Will the locksmith damage my locks gaining access?

For a standard door opening, our locksmith will use specially designed tools to open your door and assist you in gaining access to your property. These cause no damage and your lock will remain intact and in working order. On rare occasions a lock may need to be drilled open, especially if the lock is found to be faulty or as a last resort. Any costs involved will be communicated before the locksmith performs this work.

Can I get a quote over the phone? Or will their be additional costs on site?

Wherever possible we will give you a full quote over the phone prior to attending the property. To assist us in quoting correctly, we may require you to send us photographs of the lock for identification purposes, If you are unsure of the lock that you have you can refer to our guide: What Type Of Locks Do I Have? On occasion, it can be impossible to 100% guarantee all costs involved in a job. If we get to your property and any additional costs are involved, we will always let you know and get your approval before commencing the work.

What brands do you stock?

At ABC Locksmiths, we use locksmith quality products such as Carbine, Lockwood and Gainsborough and offer a 12 month parts warranty on all products installed new. We can quote upfront on all work, so you are aware of all costs involved in advance. Contact us now by phone or email and we can assess your requirements and quote over the phone. Contact us.

frequently asked questions for locksmiths