Do you have a rental property? Did you know that as the homeowner that there are minimum security requirements for your rental property that you must meet before you can have a tenant reside there?

The following information has been taken directly from the Commerce WA website

Landlords must ensure that their rental property is safe for a tenant to live in. Amongst other safety requirements, are those that refer directly to the minimum security standards required in a rental property, including door locks and window locks.

The specific requirements in Western Australia are as follows:

The Main Entry Door

On a main entry door the minimum required security is either a deadlock or an AS 5039-2008 compliant key lockable security screen door.

The deadlock can be either a single cylinder or double cylinder and the deadlock can be separate to the door handle or it can be incorporated into the handset, for example in Gainsborough Tri-lock.

All Other External Doors

The minimum required security for all external doors that are not the main entry door, is either a deadlock, a patio bolt lock (if a deadlock cannot be installed) or an AS 5039-2008 compliant key lockable security screen door.  If there is a need to install a patio bolt, it does not need to be key lockable.


Essentially, windows must be fitted with a lock which stops the window from being opened from outside the premises. All openable windows must have latches, closers or locks fitted and be in working order. This does not mean it has to have a key lock in place, just that they are securable.

If the window is fitted with an Australian standards (AS 5039-2008) compliant security screen, there is no requirement to retrofit a window lock.

Special Considerations

There are always special considerations in regards to rental security, for example, multi storey properties, louvered windows, apartments/units.

If you require further information on these please consult the Commerce WA website for specific requirements.

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