Sometimes it can be hard for customers to determine which types of locks they have requiring repair, or which types of locks they would like to look at having installed on their property. To follow are some of the more common types of locks regularly seen in residential properties in and around Perth particularly.

For further information and specifications on products regularly supplied and installed by ABC Locksmiths, please find PDF downloads available under each of the types of locks listed below.

Entrance Set

The humble entrance set is very common on household doors. It consists of a knob or lever handle on both sides of the door and will have a keyhole on the external side and a turn snib or push button on the internal side.


Gainsborough Tri-locks have been installed extensively in residential homes for the last 10 years or so. They have different locking functions to meet the home owners needs.


Double or single sided deadbolts are one of a few popular types of locks to enhance security on an external wooden door. They consist of either a key lock on both sides of the door, or a key lock on the external side and a turn snib on the inside. They are a great way to increase security on a wooden door that already has an existing handle lock, like an entrance set.


The deadlatch is popular lock due to it strength in securing the door. Many models also have several modes or programming options that can be used depending on the users requirements.

001 Deadlatch